Aspirin to Treat Acoustic Tumors?

Audiologists are always concerned with patients who present a unilateral sensorineural hearing loss with poor speech recognition and tinnitus.  We were trained in graduate school to always be suspicious of a possible acoustic neuroma on the auditory nerve.  I can remember several of my past audiology professors imagestrying to drill this into our heads.  A unilateral loss should always be taken seriously and reported to the patient’s primary care physician.  Patients with acoustic neuroma also often experience dizziness since the auditory and vestibular nerves run side by side as they exit the inner ear.  A tumor on the auditory nerve may also push or cause pressure the vestibular leading to the dizziness.  If caught early, acoustic neuromas are usually not life threatening.  Sometimes hearing can be preserved if the tumor has not grown deeply into the auditory nerve.

Below in a study indicating that aspirin may possibly help reduce the size of the tumor.  That’s interesting, because we have also been trained that aspirin can cause tinnitus and if taken in large quantities can cause damage to the hair cells in the cochlea resulting in sensorineural hearing loss.  More studies hopefully will tell us how much aspirin is safe if used for treating #acoustic neuromas.


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