Free Hamilton CapTel Telephone!

If you have difficulty hearing messages on the telephone, then the Hamilton CapTel Telephone can be a great help.  This phone has a screen with the printed text of the words of the person talking to you.  It is possible now that you can obtain this phone at no angry phonecharge!  You need to ask you audiologist to complete a Certification/Order form for you documenting your hearing loss.  The link at the bottom of this page has all the details.  If you are not comfortable with installing electronic devices and you don’t have a computer literate grandchild,  you can arrange for the Geek Squad to help install the CapTel phone.  High-speed Internet access (broadband or digital cable service, not dialup). Depending on your set-up, a router may also be required to connect more than one device to your Internet service.

As Captioned Telephone Service (CTS) is regulated and funded by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the FCC requires that an individual who does not pay $75 or more for CTS equipment (CapTel Phone) or obtain it from a governmental program must provide certification that he/she has a hearing loss. An independent third party professional (Audiologist or Hearing Healthcare Provider) must verify that the individual requires the use of CTS to communicate in a manner that is functionally equivalent to telephone services experienced by individuals without hearing difficulties. Hamilton CapTel is not responsible for charges incurred in obtaining certification.

Click this link to obtain more details on the CapTel Phone:

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