You Did What with Your Hearing Aids?

Last week one of my patients called and said, “Guess what I was wearing when I dove into the pool at the YMCA today?”  I said, “Your Speedos?”  Patient said, “My hearing aids!”  This is not the first time this has happened with people over the years.  I told him to remove the battery and the bring the aid into the office so I could use our vacuum to suction out all the water.

Patient called back later that day.  He said that he put the hearing aid oninset_shot_for_dr_lowe_copy_for_web_copy the dashboard of his car while he made a visit.  It was cold outside but the sun was shining so the car did get warm.  When he got back into his car about four hours later, the aid worked!

If this happens to you, you should immediately remove the battery and call our office so we can put the aid in the vacuum.  If you cannot come in soon, take out the battery, then the put the aid in front of a fan and let it dry out.  Don’t use excessive heat from a hair dryer.  Also, you should not put your aid on the dashboard of your car especially in the summer months because the extreme heat will damage the aids.

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