Video Testimonial by Patient Mr. Joe Clark Regarding Hearing Loss


I want to thank my patient, Mr. Joe Clark, for providing this testimonial describing his Micon ribbonproblems with communication because of his hearing loss. He did an excellent job of describing the benefits of the new hearing aids and the new miniTek remote control because he has spent the last few weeks evaluating them.  Mr. Clark also talks about the benefits he has received from his Pure Micon hearing aids and Pure_micon_miniTek_voicelink (1)the miniTek remote control.

The Pure Micon hearing aid is the latest in hearing aid technology from Siemens.  The Micon hearing aids have thirty-two channels and extremely sophisticated sound processing.  They also utilizes directional microphones to reduce noise from behind the listener.  The aids are very small but still incorporate a telecoil for use with hearing aid compatible telephones and induction loop systems which are becoming very popular.

The miniTek allows Mr. Clark to connect to his Bluetooth Cell phone via Bluetooth for truly hands-free communication. With the miniTek, the user can hear phone conversations in both ears!  The miniTek system also comes with a transmitter that can be plugged into your TV or any device with audio output so you may hear the TV or radio via Bluetooth across the room in your favorite recliner.


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