Technology Keeps Improving with new Micon Chip from Siemens

Top hearing instrument manufacturers are continually researching and developing new technology to help the hearing impaired. Siemens Hearing Instruments has just unveiled Micon, a new platform behind its BestSound Technology.  The new Micon chip is capable of executing 250 million instructions per second and has twice the processing power of Siemens’ previous technology platform, expanding Siemens’ hearing technology to 48 channels and extending the frequency range to 12,000 Hz. The result brings improved sound clarity and listening comfort.

Micon ribbon

Micon features include:

  • Optimized directional speech enhancement and noise reduction in 48 channels, for better understanding in challenging environments.
  • Expanded amplification to higher frequencies, up to 12 kHz, for natural sound quality and a brilliant listening experience.
  • Faster and smarter feedback cancellation.
  • Advanced frequency compression capabilities so wearers can hear sounds that were previously outside their range of hearing.
  • Continuous “learning” of personal volume preferences with automatic amplification adjustments.
  • Automatic recognition of multiple defined hearing situations and instinctively adjusts to wearers’ “learned” settings.

I have started uing this new technology in my office.  So far patients have reported that sound is more natural with this new chip.  The software used to program these aids allows much flexibility in tailoring various listening programs for each individual patient.  The new chip is also compatible with the miniTek bluetooth remote control for use with TV, radios and cell phones.

ear logo

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